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The 14th commercial college Gobi challenge of XuanZang Road in 2019 2019-07-06 09:23:24

Date:02 May,2019

Address:Guazhou guangxianyi

There were nearly 3,000 EMBA and MBA students would walk through the 108-kilometer Gobi by organization. They would experience the great life that a great Chinese person through the Gobi, and realize the ideals, actions, persistence and transcendence. Feeling the "reality of heaven and man" life, in the depths of the heart to find the enormous energy that allows life to climb, so as to embrace life with more positive, healthier and more lasting power. 

Mr. Lin Jianhua, the general manager of Zhangzhou Jiansheng Furniture Co., Ltd., was honored to participate in the 14B group of the Gobi Operation.

The wind and sand all the way can't stop him to move forward.

After 4 days of walking 108km in the Gobi, all the way, although all kinds of difficulties and bad environment, the teammates were encouraging each other and they had the heart of "never stop" and do not be the mediocrity. Finally, Mr. Jack Lin reached the end.

Participation sentiment: I remembered a great man said that "the mediocre people have a life, the life means real life; excellent people have two lives: life and lives; excellence has three lives, life, lives and mission." I am not a mediocre person.

The happiness to the end is the same as everyone. But everyone's process is full of wonders, it would remember for a lifetime. Grateful for everything that exists, treasure everything, everything is the best arrangement. At this point I feel the meaning of this sentence: All of people were walking through the Gobi, they are family. Once a Gobi trip, a lifetime of friendship.

Mr. Jack lin told us how to make the impossible to be possible by his own experience. His courage, perseverance and persistence are worthy of our admiration and learning.


This gobi action has a great influence on Mr. Jack Lin. He returned to the big family of jiansheng furniture and organized a team of gobi (more than 10 people have joined this team so far). We will meet in Gobi in 2020.

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