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JS Modular classroom learning desk with manufacturers

Modern modular classroom learning table
classroom learning desk
JS Modular classroom learning desk with manufacturers JS Modular classroom learning desk with manufacturers
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    40 ~ 55 / $100
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    Fujian, China
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    30 days
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JS Modular classroom learning desk with manufacturers

The combination table is a new way for modern students to attend classes. In the future, more and more classrooms will be converted into modular classrooms. Experts also prove that the combination of classes will allow students to concentrate and learn.

collaborative school desk

Product Type:
Metal / MDF
Desk Size:
790*320*25 mm
Chair Size
380*400*460 mm
Steel Color
Black / Dark gray / light grey / Dark blue 
Desk TOP
25mm E1 MDF with melamine
100 sets
Delivery period

collaborative school furniture

Active learning environment 
What’s so important about collaborative school furniture? Collaborative learning classroom is centered learning for student.So it's need furniture that support, starting with collaborative desks and collaborative seating.
 Is collaborative school furniture 180° different than traditional furniture?
It’s just more flexible. While collaborative learning furniture can be used in a traditional classroom, the opposite isn’t true. The reason is, regular, rectangular desktops can’t create a close circle to allow groups of six or more students to engage in collaborative learning. What discovered was that trapezoidal and arc-shaped desktops could be clustered in very compact circles of six to eight students for group work. Or, the desks can be separated for individual study or testing.

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