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ISTUDY and Zhangzhou OUTLOOK Optics Co., Ltd. cooperate in the development of myopia prevention students TABLE TOP 2020-04-17 09:19:49

In recent years, the prevalence of myopia among adolescents in our country has increased year by year, and it has developed towards a younger age and a higher number. The decline of eyesight of primary and middle school students is an important issue that currently affects the health of adolescents and is related to the improvement of the health quality of the entire nation. In order to implement the spirit of the general instruction of General Secretary JinPing Xi on the issue of myopia of students, and effectively strengthen the prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents in the new era, the Ministry of Education, together with the National Health Commission and other eight departments, formulated the "Implementation Plan for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents" In 2023, we will strive to reduce the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents nationwide by more than 0.5 percentage points annually on the basis of 2018, and the provinces with high incidence of myopia will decrease by more than 1 percentage point each year.

By 2030, the nation ’s new incidence of myopia among children and adolescents will be significantly reduced, and the overall level of children ’s and adolescents ’visual health will be significantly improved. Below 60%, the myopia rate of high school students has dropped to below 70%, and the national student ’s physical health standards have reached the excellent rate of over 25%.

With the impact of the recent epidemic, frequent online classes have worsened vision loss, and students' eyes have been contaminated with light. JS Education has no standard restrictions on the protection of students' eyesight on most of the desks and boards in the current market. The excessively bright panels cause light pollution and affect students' eyesight , Which leads to myopia. According to the existing national standards for desks and chairs, only the mechanics, physical and chemical, environmental protection and other indicators related to desks and chairs are mentioned, and the brightness index of the student's desktop is not mentioned. In response to this problem, Zhangzhou ISTUDY Children's Products Co., Ltd., as a 17-year practitioner in the education furniture industry, has put it on the R & D agenda and cooperated with Zhangzhou OUTLOOK Optics Co., Ltd. to conduct a research experiment on the brightness of the student desk board It is necessary and urgent to develop a desktop board for the prevention of myopia in students. OUTLOOK Optical Co., Ltd. independently developed anti-blue light (anti-radiation) nanotechnology, using fine-structure nanomaterials and optical lenses to create the current blank optical products in China, making outstanding industry contributions to protecting eyesight and preventing myopia, Applied for 134 optical patents, including 4 international PCT patents (4 authorized), 2 foreign patents (Canada, United States), 2 invention patents in Taiwan (2 authorized), 84 national invention patents (5 authorized) 16 utility model patents (16 authorized), 26 design patents (21 authorized)

The contents of this cooperative research and development include: the evaluation indicators of the four aspects of light pollution, light reflection, blue light in the lighting, and human eyes' perceived brightness of the desktop board of the student class. Suitable for all types of desks and chairs at all levels across the country.

This joint research and development has referenced the following industry standards for desks, chairs and office furniture that have been established at home and abroad:

In 1983, the "Function Size of School Desks and Chairs" was formulated and issued (GB / T3976-1983)

In 1983, the "Human Measurement Terminology" was formulated and issued (GB / T3975-1983)

In 1985, the "Human Body Measurement Method" was formulated and issued (GB / T5703-1985)

In 1987, the "Sanitary Standards for School Desks and Chairs" was formulated and issued (GB / T7792-1987)

Promulgated the national standard "Chinese Adult Human Body Size" in 1988 (GB / T10000-1988)

In 1989, "Classroom Chairs" was issued (GB / T10356-1989)

In 1991, the General Rules for the Application of Percentiles of Human Body Size in Product Design (GB / T12985-1991)

Released and implemented the "Workspace Human Body Size" in 1993 (GB / T13547-1993)

In 1993, the "General Ergonomic Requirements for Work Seats" was issued and implemented (GB / T14774-1993)

In 1997, the main dimensions of furniture tables, chairs and stools were issued and implemented (GB / T3326-1997)

In 1999, the implementation of "Basic Projects for Human Design for Technical Design" (GB / T5703-1999)

In 2000, the "School Furniture (Classroom Desks and Chairs" (CNS 14430 -2000) was issued and implemented

In 2002, the new national standard "Functional dimensions of school desks and chairs" (GB / T3976-2002) was issued

In 2000, "Ophthalmology Optics. Contact Lens Care Products. Antibacterial Protection Effectiveness Tests and Guidelines for Determination of Scrap Date" (EN ISO 14730-2000)

In 2002, "Ophthalmology Optics. Specifications for Single Vision to Wear Myopia" (ISO 16034-2002)

1988 "Chromatic Luminance Meter" (JJG 554-1988)

In 1995, "Optics and Optical Instruments, Contact Lenses, Determination of the Refractive Index of Contact Lens Materials" (ISO 9914-1995)

1999 "Plastics. Determination of Refractive Index" (EN ISO 489-1999)

In 1992, "Test Method for Refractive Index of Chemical Products" (JIS K0062-1992

Although from the Ministry of Education to the provinces to improve the lighting environment of students to develop standards and assessment. However, as one of the mediums for students to face the longest direct exposure and the most reflected light exposure each day, it must also be highly valued and the corresponding standards of the system.

1. Jiangsu Province implements the classroom visual environment compliance project, gradually replacing classroom lighting fixtures within 3 years to improve lighting conditions. The matching of classroom lighting environment and desks and chairs must be included in the supervision and guidance of the health department.

At the same time, Hebei, Yunnan, Shandong Province and other places have also begun to upgrade and renovate classroom lighting and lighting fixtures to improve students' learning environment and eye conditions.

2. Henan Province has started to fully equip the desks and chairs with lifting, etc., and gradually replace the existing fixed style desks and chairs within 3 years, so that the desks and chairs are suitable for the changes in the height of students.

3. The 12th Middle School of Wuhu City, Anhui Province is equipped with lamps in accordance with the lighting standards of the flight class of China Southern Airlines. Under the soft warm light and blue classroom painting environment, students have no myopia growth for 3 years.

4. Since 2008, the Ministry of Education has successively issued the No. 3 notification document of the "Supervision and Evaluation Index System for Physical Education in Primary and Secondary Schools (Trial)", which includes the "Adolescent Myopia Evaluation Index System", which aims to supervise relevant educational personnel to participate in The incidence of myopia in adolescents improves their physical and mental health.

From a global perspective, the current myopic population has exceeded 1.5 billion, accounting for a quarter of the world's population. At present, by establishing this standard, China can become a leading country in this standard.

The development of the standard for preventing myopia of the desk and chair desktop version developed by AiXue in cooperation with Zhangzhou Aotelu Optics Co., Ltd. can greatly reduce the high-reflective desk desktop boards currently on the market, and regulate the use of panels that meet the new standards by the desk and chair manufacturers. The majority of students took the class desktop board with ring protection eyes.

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