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Inventory | Which hospitals have 52 medical teams sent to Hubei to help? 2020-02-13 14:59:27

With the aggravation of the epidemic situation in Wuhan and its surrounding cities, starting from New Year's Eve, to January 28, 29 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities across the country dispatched 52 medical teams in total to assist a total of 6,097 people in Hubei.

In addition to paying tribute to these "beautiful retrogrades," let's take a look at their specific whereabouts.

6097 medical staff, 70% used to support Wuhan

According to the news of the Hubei Provincial People's Government Office at a press conference on January 30, 11 medical teams and 1,535 medical staff members of the national emergency support force have been enriched in 10 cities including Huanggang and Xiaogan except Wuhan. The remaining 4562 were assigned to designated hospitals in Wuhan.

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