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In the future, how should the dining area in the education space be designed? 2020-06-22 19:52:28

In the future, the dining area will be a place for social learning and interaction. JS education draws inspiration from its experience in retail food courts and boutique hotel dining facilities, which we believe is a good opportunity to raise awareness, usage and value of the traditional dining area.This space can be used to encourage students to gather together, not only at lunchtime or between classes, but also after school at night for boarding students. We supply best school dinning table set solution for your needs!

Student Dining Tables

The key element of school design is to define different spatial atmospheres for different functions.Create an open and relaxed environment for students and faculty.Compared with the design of the interior space of the teaching building, the warmer and softer materials shape the characteristics of the whole dining space.Not only will students use this bright and airy space for meals, but they can also enjoy a quick and healthy snack while chatting with friends during recess.

School Dining Tables

By integrating dining, social space, meet the functions and food laboratory functions, the future of food and beverage area really have a chance to become a unique space, as an important part of the school campus, we believe that in the near future the dining area can be on behalf of the school community communication center, and arouse the wonderful campus life.

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