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I-study researched and developed the antibacterial panel of school desk and chair 2020-04-17 09:24:37

In response to the hygienic requirements of students ’desks and chairs and the sudden outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, the Party Central Committee, consumers and educational institutions, and medical institutions have paid more attention to health and hygiene, and placed emphasis on the construction of antibacterial and antibacterial environments for public health environments. Zhangzhou I-study, a subsidiary of JS Education, has actively researched and developed the antibacterial desks and chairs panel, the panels were throughing the Xiamen SGS test for students to use,so that all children can easily learn & grow health!

At present, domestic and foreign educational institutions must conduct formaldehyde testing on the overall environment of the new school, The schools are allowed to be opened once they passed the testing. However, there is a lack of means and relevant mandatory standards for the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of desks and chairs. Especially in the south of the Changjiang River, the weather is humid, and desks and chairs (especially wood) are often prone to mold and breed bacteria, which causes students to suffer from various viral diseases and even group diseases. The panels as the student's longest contact time and the nearest learning tool part has very few standards in anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial aspects.

Zhangzhou I-study company has an urgent need for learning anti-bacterial desk and chair panels for the special time,and also in response to the hygienic requirements of students' desks and chairs and emergency situations at any time. We had researched and developped antibacterial desk and chair panels.

The antibacterial standards for Chinese students' desks and chairs are not only the needs of school educational institutions and parents, but also a key trend for the healthy development of the school furniture industry.

Zhangzhou I-study company, a subsidiary of JS Education, has researched and developed antibacterial desk and chair panels, it will definitely push Chinese school furniture industry to be a global leading level and position, at the same time,it will be filled up the lack of current global antibacterial standards for student desks and chairs.

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