Adjustable School Classroom furniture
Good news! Jiansheng furniture has won the gold award of the first | fujian education equipment exposition 2019-05-28 09:49:52

From March 20 to 22, 2019, "the first education equipment expo of fujian province in 2019" co-sponsored by fujian education equipment industry association and China education equipment industry association school logistics professional committee.The fair held a gold award product selection, Jiansheng furniture live up to expectations, won the award.

HYA-105 free-lifting adjustable student desks and chairs are independently developed by Jiansheng research and development department in 2011.

Product parameters:

HYA105 tables and chairs: 600*400* 660-780 (gb height) /380*400*320-440 (gb height)

Product features:

1 unique free lifting, light rotation with the handle 16 seconds easy adjustment for the height, the overall design structure is stable

2. Only tables can be raised or lowered freely for similar products in the market;The production has been tested up and down free lifting more than 20000 times without damage.

3. The size is in line with national standard GB/T 3976-2002 and can be easily shaken to a suitable height

4. The desktop board shall be affixed with E1 class high-density board with double-sided tripolyhydrosamine surface, 25mm thick injection molding for one-time molding and sealing, with pen groove, permanent and firm, and beautiful streamline.Desktop board has anti - bacterial anti - mildew function.It is the first time to introduce seamless edge sealing function board with memory in China.The hand guard does not scratch the wear-resisting and scratch-resistant, the knife does not become warped after cutting

5. The seat back adopts double layer blow molding technology, with air holes on top and bottom and soft cushion effect;Backplane enlarged width and depth, caress backrest completely sit up more comfortable.

6. Safety, environmental protection and scratch resistance;Steel pipe spray powder does not contain heavy metals, mercury

7. The ergonomics design concept is perfectly combined on the desks and chairs, so that the desks and chairs grow up healthily with the children

8. The height of tables and chairs can be adjusted synchronously with the growth of children, that is, to grow together with children. This product is suitable for students of all ages from primary school to university.One set of products can be worth four or five sets of ordinary products, saving money

9. Foldable rocker, saving space;Table on both sides of the hook, the school bag hanging 10 book bucket specifications 539 100 290mm wire mesh 11 table table table feet using 1.5 thick iron feet one-time stamping forming, column for 70*1.5, 58*1.5 round pipe, connecting pipe for 32*1.5 round pipe.The chair frame adopts the oval tube with the thickness of 20 60x1.5mm and the oval tube with the thickness of 30x60x1.5 for the column tube.

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