Adjustable School Classroom furniture
Chen Hanzhong( Director of the Finance Bureau of Longwen District, Zhangzhou, )and Liu Linhai,( Director of the National Taxation Bureau), took care of and guided the placement of JS school Furniture 2020-06-05 16:00:25

On the afternoon of May 27, 2020, SecretaryChen and Secretary Liu brought relevant staff to JS school Furniture company enterprises to investigate and care about the preferential policies enjoyed by the company in terms of fiscal and taxation and the operating conditions under the epidemic. JSGROUP Finance Vice President Miss Ye Guiyu, Marketing VP Mr.Liang Zhengwei and other relevant personnel accompanied the investigation.

Chen Hanzhong, Liu Linhai and others visited the exhibition hall of Jiansheng Education School Furniture and children's learning tables and chairs of istudy brand. He expressed his affirmation and encouragement for Jian Sheng's continued focus on the positioning of school furniture.

In the exhibition hall, VP MR.Liang introduced in detail the brand development of JS school furniture desks and chairs, the functional evolution of desks and chairs and local engineering cases in Zhangzhou, including Zhangzhou City Vocational College, Zhangzhou No. 1 Middle School, Longshi Attached Primary School, Minnan Normal University, etc. . Chen Hanzhong, Liu Linhai and others personally experienced the quality and function of Jiansheng desks and chairs and learning desks and chairs, and expressed detailed inquiries and concerns about Jiansheng Education's current domestic and international sales.

During the seminar, Finance Bureau and the Internal Revenue Service asked if they were enjoying the preferential fiscal and taxation policies of Jiansheng Education, and whether they encountered any difficulties, and issued the government fiscal and tax preferential policy manual to corporate finance personnel. Miss.Ye Guiyu thanked the government for its help, answered the survey questions in detail, and also expressed the hope that the Zhangzhou government can support local enterprises to give more support and attention to local school furniture projects.

Finally, Chen Hanzhong, Liu Linhai and others expressed that the government will do its utmost to help companies alleviate their burden and help companies solve difficulties in fiscal and taxation preferential policies and market promotion when overseas epidemics continue, and encourage companies to actively develop the domestic market. To expand the influence of the Zhangzhou brand in the national market.

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