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2020 Jiansheng Education's Mid-Autumn Festival Bocake Event 2020-09-30 10:41:54
2020 Jiansheng Education's Mid-Autumn Festival Bocake Event

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional holiday of the Chinese nation and a legal holiday in our country. As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, in order to enrich the cultural and entertainment life of employees, promote communication among employees, enhance team cohesion, reflect the company's care for employees, and let everyone spend a beautiful and unforgettable Mid-Autumn Festival, Jiansheng Education On the evening of September 29, 2020, we gathered together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival biscuits event was held on the fourth floor of the Jiansheng Office Building. All the colleagues gathered together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival ahead of schedule with the sweet sound of dice hitting bowls.

The Mid-Autumn Festival cakes every year are the most grand, lively and distinctive. After the host explained the rules of the event, the Mid-Autumn Festival Big Opera and Bingbing Event officially opened. The crisp sound and light of the dice should be everywhere, and the cheers and cheers one after another. Someone took the first prize, someone stomped their feet one after another, someone showed up frequently, but there were no traces of big coffees, and someone came here with everything. This table of champions has been slow to come out, stalemate, and extremely anxious; that table of champions appear frequently, you are fighting for me, and the battle is in full swing. Those who had truce early were not idle either, they were busy skating on the table to watch the cheering, the sound of sound, laughter, cheering, and roaring. Amidst laughter and joy, the Jiansheng Education family is full of happiness and warmth.

Subsequently, after more than half an hour of fierce competition, a total of 23 champions at each table on the scene have been selected, and they will enter the final "king of kings" competition. The main drama "The King of Kings Battle" was even more intense, pushing the banquet banquet to a climax. The champion of each table participates in the "King of the Kings" competition. Finally, congratulations to our workshop partner for winning the final King of the Kings.

Finally, Mr. Lin Jianhua, chairman of Jiansheng Education, delivered a speech, sending sincere gratitude and holiday greetings to every member of the company for their hard work, and also presented awards to our king of kings. The bing event came to an end in the exciting competition for the "No. 1 Scholar".

A good time together is always short. We are destined to gather together and share the good time. Please let us remember the beauty of this moment and look forward to the next meeting together! I wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival in advance!

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