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2019 South China Preschool Education Exhibition 2019-05-15 17:45:36

2019 South China Preschool Education Exhibition

There are good spatial layout and healthy growth of children can form a benign interaction. Scientifically and rationally arrange children's activity space, which is of great significance to children's healthy growth, cultivating children's independent living ability and enlightening their wisdom.Therefore, we provide practical, appropriate and comfortable kindergarten furniture that is of great importance to the child's growth stage.

ZHANGZHOU JIANSHENG FURNITURE COMPANY, As a professional developer, manufacturer and exporter of school desk furniture, based on the desk and chair business and sales experience network. We actively introduce overseas advanced kindergarten furniture brands”EDUFUN” to bring different teaching environments to Chinese consumers and kindergarten children.

“EDUFUN”Founded in 1987, the R&D design team is based in Germany and is committed to providing world-class design of kindergarten furniture products, including raw material selection, ergonomic design research and the use of new environmentally friendly materials. aspect. At “EDUFUN”, you can choose all the furniture you need for your kindergarten including chairs, tables, lockers, reading areas, play areas, role playing areas, sofa, etc.

As a versatile line of products, “EDUFUN” uses natural colors to provide more warmth and texture to any style of teaching space.

The table and chair, cabinets of “EDUFUN” are made of European high-grade beech wood, which is durable and durable.

Its ultra-modern design perfectly fits the ergonomic seat back, giving children the most comfortable experience and making learning easier

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2019 South China Preschool Education Exhibition

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