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China's second child policy

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  If the overall decline in fertility leads to a decrease in the population growth rate from an incremental perspective, 

then the global trend of aging leads to an imbalance in population structure from the perspective of stocks.


  After the war, with the improvement of medical science and technology, the average life expectancy has also

been gradually raised. With the generation of people born in the baby boom of 1946-1964 gradually entering

old age, the global population aging trend is becoming more and more serious. According to the United Nations

projections, the global proportion of the elderly in 2015-2050 will double from 8% to 16%, and the median age of the

population will also rise from 29.6 to 36.1 years. Of the 10 countries globally and in major representation, the number

of countries with an aging population of over 20% of the total population will also be increased from the current 2

countries (Japan and Germany) to 9 countries with the exception of India.


With the opening of the second child policy, children will be more and more In the few years, the construction of schools

and school furniture are also increasingly in need of updating and optimization.


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