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How to extend the life of school desks and chairs

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How to extend the life of school desks and chairs

In recent years, with the social and economic development, The frequency of school changing desks and

chairs is once a year. In fact, the service life of desks and chairs is more than a year. They are used

for three years is completely no problem. For students, they like to use new desks and chairs, but for

saving, this is a waste phenomenon. The following is the maintenance of desks and chairs:

First, users should start from themselves, as a student, you should love your desks and chairs. Do not

doodle on desks and chairs, Can not play desks and chairs and so on...


The basic rules of maintenance of desks and chairs:

1. Desk and chair should be placed in the air circulation and dry place, Do not get near fire and damp

walls, Avoid sun exposure.

2. The dust on the desk should not be rubbed with water, Do not wash the desks and chairs with soapy

water to avoid damaging the paint.

3. When moving the table, it is necessary to lift the desks and chairs, to avoid hurting the legs.

4. Desk chair made of steel do not to touch the water, it is to avoid rust.

5. Do not put acid and alkaline items on the desk.


Students care desks and chairs make a good character- L.DOCTOR/ JS/ ISTUDY

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