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How to choose student desks and chairs

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How to choose student desks and chairs

1. Material:

The normal school desk & chairs usually come with the following three products,

Pure Wooden desk chair (Solid wood processing students desks, currently used in non-urban areas);

Steel & wood desk chair (Steel and plastic as a product of the stent, top is melamine panels);

Steel plastic desk chair (Plastic alloy materials, mechanical molding by the school desks and chairs products)

JS Education mainly produce the steel & wood and steel & plastic models school desk chairs.


2.  Performance:

Primary and secondary schools for the commonly used flat desk (height adjustable desk chair

and fixed desks and chairs), University has auditorium desk chair, Reading room desk and so on.


Height fixed desks and chairs as blow HY-0235 model


height adjustable desk chair as below HY-A105 model


2. Moisture-resistant, water-resistant

When students clean tables and chairs, the desktops are exposed to water. Because of the

small student strength,desks and chairs most of the surface will be left with water droplets,

water resistance is more important at this time.


3. Flame retardant

Middle and high school students have physical chemistry courses, Students

desks and chairs of the flame retardant; it can effectively prevent the occurrence of a fire.


4. Not exposed nail, round edge

Children like to play together, running around in the classroom, School furniture

details of the student desks and chairs is very important, not exposed nails, round

edges can effectively ensure the safety of students.


5. Anti-slip mat

Children sitting on desks and chairs, feet will move around, leading to not

concentrateon the class, Placed in the table non-slip mat, children's feet

have place to help children concentrate on learning


7. Quality and Cost

School school sourcing, hundreds of sets of student desks and chairs,

which is a major funding project, the cost of furniture is one of the most important factor.

ZHANGZHOU JIANSHENG FURNITURE CO., LTD, they are one of the biggest school furniture manufacture

with 2 factories and over 15 years experience in this field. Products are high quality and inexpensive.

It is is a trusted company, it is best chose to cooperation with them.


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