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                                                                      MR. JACK LIN, the leader of Chinese school furniture industry.


He is now the founder, G.M. of Zhangzhou Jiansheng Furniture Co., Ltd., Zhangzhou Istudy KidsCommodityCo., Ltd. And Xiamen IstudyKids Commodity Co., Ltd.He is also the only owner whoruns both theschoolfurniture business and the domestic kids study furniture in China. 

Born in 1976, Jack was a kid of a mineral worker in Quanzhou city, Fujian. Grow up from thecountryside; heknows how difficult the educational environment in rural areas is. So when hegraduated from college,he started working on school furniture business and become one ofthe earliest Chinese exporter ofschool furniture since 2003.

With the first gold as a trader of school desk and chairs, Mr. Jack Lin wanted to be focus on thisnichemarket and borrowed some more money and started to build his first factory, located inZhangzhou,Fujian. As businessgoing and the global requirement of school furniture increase,thefactory coverage gradually increased to 25,000 square meters in 2007. In the same year,L.DOCTOR brand school furniture trade mark was registered. They started to use L.DOCTOR

In 2008, the financial crisis comes, however the educational budget was still there. Thepurchasing of educational furniture was still up. L.DOCTOR’sturnover doubled under suchfinancial crises as theydeveloped African, Latin American market on that year.

With the thinking of revolutionize the kids study at home, in 2012, Mr. Jack Lin started the2nd factory for kids domestic study furniture in Zhangzhou.It covers over 50,000 squaremeters. It mainly produces the kids ergonomic desk and chairs basically for Chinese marketbecause the baby boom. In 2014, thebrand istudy trademark was registered. And theystarted to export istudy kids furniture to overseas market. From 65 istudy brand chaistoresin 2014, it developed into a 300 stores scale in China and 100 stores abroad in 2016. Theistudy kids desk chair help the kids with a correct sitting postures preventing myopia andhumpback effectively.  It wins lots of positive comments from markets home and abroad.

As the market demand grows and industry develop, Mr. Jack Lin and his managementdecided to build the 3rd manufacturing base which covers100,000 square meters locatedin Zhangzhou as well. It will be the largest school furniture/kids study furniture manufacturingbase in China.

Now the L.DOCTOR school furniture & ISTUDY kids furniture have been exported to over 100countries and used by over 1 million schools and 5million kids around the world. 


Our mission is ” Make Study Fun & Grow Healthy. And we never stop innovating”.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ----Mr. Jack Lin


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